Sbtet ap Resuts


Sbtet ap State board of technical education & training Andhra Pradesh, It has conducted semester examinations for c-16, c-14, c-09 Er91 regulations for supply/regular in the month April-May-2019 / Oct-Nov-2019. It was the best technical education board in Andhra Pradesh. This board offers three years of technical courses, in the first year only one semester and the remaining two years have four semesters. Every year sbtet ap results are updated in official site 

Sbtet ap Resuts

This Board is also named as diploma/Polytechnic results, It conducts semester examinations for diploma candidates Now the classes are going with the c-16 syllabus, It is much better to compare with the previous syllabus c-05, c-09, c-14. Sbtet ap results are released after two months from the exam date.

Why it is taking more time? it is the best course to join after SSC/ Equivalent education. Every semester more than 1lakh students write the semester examinations. these lakhs of papers are evaluating by the staff elected by the sbtetap. 


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  ➤Sbtetap Results c-09 c-14 c-16 Er91 March/April-2018  - Click here 

  Sbtetap Results c-09 c-14 c-16 Er91 Oct/Nov-2017  - Click here

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